Do you need a do-it-yourself hosting account?

There are a number of reasons why you may want to tackle hosting your new website on your own:

Save money – For as list as $5 a month you can launch your hosting account and manage your own site. In comparison, a managed hosting account may cost $20 – $50 per month based on the features you select for your new website. The cost savings may be an incentive for some to tackle hosting their own site.

Greater control – You may like the control that a DIY hosting account provides for website owners. Managing your own updates and changes without relying on a hosting provider can be appealing. Just remember, control of your hosting account means that you take on the responsibility for security and access to the site. The more complex your website is the more important it is to provide a secure environment.

Flexibility – A managed hosting plan may restrict the type of services that may be deployed on your account. A DIY account can provide you the freedom such as root access to deploy the services you need on your account. If you need advanced features, a DIY account may be for you.


There are several things to consider when selecting a DIY hosting plan. Doing your homework on the front-end can save you a lot of heartache later on. Be sure to ask the following questions before selecting your DIY host.


What features are included? Do a feature comparison between hosting plans before selecting a web host. Look for differences between storage space, email addresses or dedicated IPs. We’ll post more about features to look for in a DIY hosting in another article.

How is the customer service? Before selecting a new web host make time to call the customer service number. This one test can help you decide between vendors. You hope that you will NEVER have to contact customer service but if you do you want to know that your requests will be handled promptly and be resolved quickly. Some cheaper hosting plans don’t allow call access for support or have really poor response rates. Be sure to call before you commit.

Are there service limitations? While your new hosting plan may have some great features like “unlimited” space or bandwidth, be sure to read the fine print. There really isn’t such a thing as “unlimited service.” There are always technical limitations to the capacity of a hosting platform. At some point, the hosting platform may not be able to handle the traffic for your new site or you may hit a wall when trying to upload large files. Take time to read reviews. Look in forums and post questions about your host to see if users have experienced service limitations.

Are there payment options? Look for “try before you buy” or trial options when selecting a DIY hosting account. Be wary of signing up for a yearly service plan with a vendor that you cannot contact directly. Look for monthly or “no commitment” options that allow you to move on if the service is not up to standard.

What does the plan cost? Never buy a hosting plan based on price. The old saying that “you get what you pay for” is true! While the low cost of one plan may be appealing remember you may be trading off better customer service to save a few bucks. Take it from an experienced web host, it is not worth it! A single outage with a less than responsive support can cost you thousands of dollars and wipe out any potential savings you gained by selecting a cheaper plan.

O.k. So there are some important things to consider when choosing a DIY hosting plan, but there are some really great hosting providers to select from.

Here is our list of the top 20 DIY hosting plan providers based on service offering, support and customer feedback.


1. Bluehost – I have personally used Bluehost services for some of my personal sites and for client sites. Bluehost provides affordable plans for DIY hosting accounts and great features.

2. Namecheap – I love NameCheap! They have great service plans with exceptional customer service. I personally contacted NameCheap customer service and found they have great response times and can fix your problem quickly. I highly recommend NameCheap.

3. Just Host – Great customer service and on-click install on most popular apps. I have spoken with several Just Host clients that swear by their service offering. If you are looking for a DIY hosting plan, Just Host definitely needs to make your top 5 review list.

4. iPage – iPage has great reviews and offers really cost effective hosting plans that are great for the do-it-yourselfer.

5. Liquid Web – Great server and VPS plans for advanced DIY needs.

6. Dreamhost – I have personally used Dreamhost for a client site and found their platform easy to use. They are a great option for the DIY that needs and values control.

6. (IS) Interserver Webhosting and VPS – Cost effective hosting options with a 30-Day Guarantee and Guaranteed Uptime agreement.

7. 1&1 Internet Inc. – With over 26 years in the hosting business 1&1 offers reliable service and a wide range of DIY hosting solutions.

8. A Small Orange – Besides having a great business name, A Small Orange has both managed and unmanaged plans with great support.

9. InMotion Hosting – SSDs for shared and reseller hosting plans! SSD hosting plans are blazing fast and help your site load faster.

10. – Hosting plans that are simple to use and include Google Ads and Bing Ads credits.

11. – Great rates for WordPress optimized hosting!

12. Heart Internet – UK hosting with 24×7 support

13. GreenGeeks – Using Green Data center technology, GreenGeeks offers unlimited plans loaded with advanced features.

14. Easyspace – Great UK hosting plans!

15. – Offering a 30-day money back guarantee and 100% uptime guarantee.

16. Web Hosting Pad – Get a free domain registration with your DIY account.

17. ServerPoint – Cost effective starter hosting plans with SSL and dedicated IP address. These features cost extra with other providers!

18. Netfirms – Web Hosting for Small Business – Small business plans that include advertising and directly listing features that can be valuable to small business owners.

19. – Great yearly hosting plans with bundled features like advertising and free domains.

20. iPower – Solid hosting offerings with loads of bundled features including advertising and a FREE Nextiva Toll-Free Number.

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