Choosing the right domain name for your new blog or business start-up is critical to the success of your website.  While a great domain can make it easier for visitors to find your site, a poorly chosen domain name can make it a real challenge to promote your website.  So, take time to select the right domain.

Here are 7 Tips to help you Select the Right Domain Name:


  1. Choose a unique domain name

Choosing a domain that is different from the competition helps you stand out from the crowd and can help generate interest for your site.  It is a real mistake to register a domain that is hyphenated or a plural version a popular domain.  Also, do not use a domain that is a variation of a competitor site.  Domain variations can be confusing to potential visitors to your site and can be expensive to promote.

  1. Include a keyword in your domain name


Create a list of 7 – 10 keywords that appear on your new website. Keywords are common or repeated phrases that are helpful in describing your website. Using a keyword in your domain name can be a big win and make it easier for people to quickly find your site.


  1. Choose a domain that matches common search terms


Optimizing your website content can help make sure that your key world list includes common search terms.  Common search terms are words that your target audience is likely to use when searching for your website.  Using a common search term or popular key word in your domain name can help


  1. Choose a short domain name.


Every marketer dreams about having their brand be ‘top-of-mind’ for their prospect.  A short domain ensures that your domain is easy to type and easy to remember.  As a rule, try to limit your domain name to 7-10 characters.


  1. Choose a descriptive domain name.


When choosing a domain name, try to use words or phrases that describe the overall function of your company or service in the domain.   For example, the name ‘Best Fence Company’ quickly helps searchers understand that this site is likely a website about fence.  A descriptive domain name can help visitors quickly decide what your site is all about and make it more likely they will return.


  1. Choose a domain name that improves your local search ranking


A domain like ‘Chattanooga Plumbing’ is a great way to boost local search traffic for your website. The domain name includes a local city name or target market. While this type of domain is not always possible, look for domains that included words or phrases help you stand out in a local search.


  1. Register the right domain extension


You should always try to register the .com extension of your domain.  The .com extension is the most common and trusted in online searches.  If the .com extension of your domain is not available, you should think twice before using the domain.  Selecting another extension of a domain shared by another website can make it difficult to drive traffic to your site.


Where do you register your domain name?


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