A great looking, feature-rich website will not automatically generate the amazing results you expect.

You may have researched and selected the perfect domain name; you may have the perfect color scheme and content images; you may have a beautiful website with the latest features; but without an effective conversion strategy, your new website may be a poor investment.

Top performing websites are developed with a conversion strategy in mind.  Effective designers begin the design process with understanding the overall objective of your website. Before they provide the first mock-up, before they sketch out a wireframe, great designers they take time to understand the goal of your site. They work with you to develop a conversion strategy?

What is a conversion strategy? 

A conversion is determined by the ultimate goal of your website.  If you have an e-commerce website the real measure of success is when a visitor to your site buys a product.  The goals for other types of sites may be different.  A social community website may push for visitors to register on their site. Their goal is to build an audience for a particular cause or mission.

Every website has unique audience members and unique goals therefore, they have unique conversions and measure success differently.

Determine your unique conversion goal before starting your website project.

A great web design company will help you clearly define the goals and conversion for your site before starting the design process.  If your designer does not understand the goal of your site, then you should search for a new designer right away.

Having a clear set of goals for your site will help you define and understand the web conversion funnel.  Your conversion funnel is the path a visitor takes to becoming an active paying customer.  From first interaction to monthly billing, your conversion funnel is critical to the success of your new website.

  • Awareness – First your prospect becomes aware of your company, your product or your service.
  • Interest – The next step is to build interest. Keep in mind that not everyone that is aware of your product has interest.
  • Desire – The next level of engagement is desire. Your new prospect is aware of your product, has demonstrated interest and desires your product.
  • Action – The last step in the funnel is for your prospect to move from awareness, beyond interest and desire to taking action. When your prospect completes this last action in the funnel they are an active customer.

A prospect that moves from awareness to taking action has successfully converted.  Understanding your unique conversion funnel will help you develop strategies to efficiently convert prospects to customers again and again.

If you launched your new website without developing a clear goal and aren’t clear about what your conversion funnel might be, don’t worry there is hope!  But you may need to adjust your expectations for the new site until you can properly map out and optimize your conversion funnel.


Three questions you should ask before starting your new web design project:

  1. What is the goal for your website? What is the action I want visitors to take? Do you want your visitors to register, buy or share your content? Write down the goal of your website and make sure that your web designer fully understands your goals.
  1. What is the process for moving prospects from visitors to customers? Understanding this process will help you determine what content is needed for your site.  Master this process and you will likely have a successful website. If you fail to pay attention to the conversion process and your website will likely fail to generate the results that you hoped for.
  2. How will you measure the success of your website? Will you measure revenue? Registrations?  No matter what the goal of your website is, you must have a way to measure conversions on your site.  You cannot improve or optimize what you fail to measure!  By tracking conversions on your site you can form real expectations for your results and set realistic goals for your website conversions.


Optimizing an existing funnel

A website that does not generate conversions is pointless and should be optimized to produce consistent results.

Optimization of your conversion funnel can dramatically impact your website results and improve your bottom line.  Once complete your optimization is always a work in progress as you continually try to improve your results.

We’re here to help!

Creating a conversion funnel for your website is an important part of your overall web strategy.  Be sure you ask your web design company about your conversion funnel before starting your new web design.

If you need help setting up or optimizing your web conversion funnel, contact us to schedule an appointment today!


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