The 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report conducted by Social Media Examiner revealed that a majority of business owners have embraced social media.  The survey targeted marketers who are small business owners, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs. Over 95% of those surveyed reported they were actively using social media to grow their business.  This is a growing trend as business owners recognize the potential of social media as a valuable tool for driving traffic to their website helping convert prospects into customers.


Chances are you that if you are small business owner reading this article you have already launched your first social media profile for your business.  You may have experienced marginal success online but aren’t sure where to invest more of your time.


You need real data and the ability to quickly interpret it to understand what channels are working for you. Otherwise, you may just be spinning your wheels and wasting the enormous opportunity that social media provides.

Without the right information at your fingertips, you’re just flying blind.

Do you remember the old website counters?

I began my online career as a web designer working with small business owners and entrepreneurs to help launch new products and services online.  Most understood that the internet provides a great opportunity to grow a business but did not understand how to accurately measure interactions on their new website.  I was repeatedly asked to post a website counter prominently on the page so the website owner could celebrate the tick up in visits to their site.



Even after reviewing site reports and seeing the real numbers being generated on their site some clients clung to the old site counter.
Google Analytics dramatically improved reporting capabilities for business owners and provided a means to understand which content was driving conversions.  Thankfully, the web counters slowly began to disappear as they were replaced with Analytics reports showing Visits, Page Views, Landing Page Stats and more.


The only problem was that analytics was really complicated for a non-tech-savvy business owner to setup on their own and required a developer optimize and install tracking code.  Reports could be really hard to interpret for even the most capable user.  Sadly, many business owners focused in on the wrong indicators of website success.  Visits (now sessions) was what most business owners chose measure effectively replacing the old website counter with a fresher more technically appealing counter.


Today, most website owners understand that the real information in an analytics report lies just beneath the surface and requires a bit of investigation to get at the actionable data.  Google has also made some great improvements like Live stats and more detailed demographic data.  Now, site owners can really dig into the data generated by their site to mine usable information that builds their business.


As marketers have adapted to social media in many ways we have reverted to the old days of the site counter choosing to celebrate Likes, Shares, or Follows without truly understanding the “how” or “why” of what’s going on with a social media profile.


Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics can provide some helpful information.  But again, the real data lies just beneath the surface and requires some effort to obtain.  Serious marketers need detailed social and web analytics that tell the real story of interactions on websites and social media profiles. Without real analytics data you could be wasting your time.


So, what information should you be looking for?

Any resource you are using to measure the success of your social media profile should be able to answer the following questions:


  • When is the ideal day and time to post to achieve the highest reach?
  • What is the ideal post length to engage my audience?
  • What are my best performing content types and how can I improve engagement?
  • What are the most engaging keywords for my audience?
  • What is the quality of my audience?


Answers to these questions can help you plan a successful social media strategy and save you a lot of time in the long run.


I would love to hear from you about your own Social Analytics insights.  Use the comment form below.


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